Erik Winborn is the Founder and President of Winborn Solutions, LLC. He founded
Winborn Solutions in 2006 after a twenty-six year career in the Air Force and subsequent
service with the American Red Cross and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. His clients include
associations and companies in the sports, defense, retail, food, and drug industries. He
has the unique experience of having led the government relations’ efforts of the country’s
largest government agency, charity, and company. He also has experience promoting and
working on championship athletic events and major industry trade shows.

From 2000-2005 Erik was Wal-Mart’s Director and then Vice-President for National
Government Relations. He helped Wal-Mart establish its Washington, D.C. government
relation’s office and represented Wal-Mart before Congress and the Executive Branch.
He was the Director of Legislative Affairs for the American Red Cross in 1999. In
1998 Erik retired from the U.S. Air Force after a twenty-six year career as an Air Force
officer (twenty-two years as a judge advocate). Prior to his retirement, from 1996-1998,
he was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs where he was
responsible for the Department’s legislative operations within the Executive Branch and
before Congress. Earlier, he was the military assistant to the Under Secretary of the Air
Force and had Air Force judge advocate assignments throughout the world. Erik received
an L.L.M. from George Washington University in Government Procurement Law, a J.D.
from the University of Iowa, and a B.S from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Winborn Solutions follows an integrated approach to problem solving. We offer
government relations, public affairs, marketing, and business development services as
part of our advocacy program. We have agreements with several firms to provide legal,
public relations, and grassroots support where necessary.

Norm Lezy, Erik Winborn’s long-time associate in the Air Force and Wal-Mart, is
affiliated with Winborn Solutions LLC as an outside advisor. Norm Lezy is the Founder
and Principal of Lezy Strategies, LLC, a firm focused on providing government and
corporate affairs guidance. Norm retired from the Air Force in 1999 at the grade of
lieutenant general, following 34 years of service.

Before Norm retired from active duty he was the principal advisor to the Under Secretary
of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) on all personnel policies for all branches of the
U.S. military. In that capacity he was responsible for policies affecting active duty
and retired military personnel, veterans and their dependents. Norm also served as the
Director of the Air Force Legislative Liaison where he was responsible for representing
the Air Force before Congress. Earlier in his career Norm was the Director of Air Force
Services, where he was developed the Moral Welfare Recreation/Services model that
the Air Force uses today. While in that position Norm was also the senior Air Force
member on the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and Defense Commissary Agency
Advisory Boards.

Following Norm’s retirement from the Air Force, Wal-Mart selected him to open Wal-
Mart’s Washington Office in 1999. Erik joined him at Wal-Mart in 2000. Norm then
went on to serve as Wal-Mart’s Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, retiring in 2005.

Norm received his B.A. degree from St. Michaels College and his M.A. degree in
Management from Webster University. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees
for the Air Force Aid Society and Kaplan University, the Hawaii State Junior Golf
Association Advisory Council, and is a past independent director of the Professional
Golfers Association (PGA) of America.